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BALDOR DRIVE from BALDOR Page 15 of 45
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281. Part #: ID15P1F75-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,115V,15P,-/.75HP/-,1,DYN TRA

282. Part #: ID15P201-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15P,-/1HP/-,1,DYN TRANS

283. Part #: ID15P201F5-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15P,-/1.5HP/-,1,DYN TRA

284. Part #: ID15P202-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15P,-/2HP/-,1,DYN TRANS

285. Part #: ID15P203-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15P,-/3HP/-,1,DYN TRANS

286. Part #: ID15P401-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,460V,15P,-/1HP/-,1,DYN TRANS

287. Part #: ID15P401F5-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,460V,15P,-/1.5HP/-,1,DYN TRA

288. Part #: ID15P402-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,460V,15P,-/2HP/-,1,DYN TRANS

289. Part #: ID15P403-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,460V,15P,-/3HP/-,1,DYN TRANS

290. Part #: ID15P405-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,460V,15P,-/5HP/-,1,DYN TRANS

291. Part #: ID15V202-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15V,-/-/2HP,1,DC INJ TR

292. Part #: ID15V202-WR
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15V,-/-/2HP,4X,DC INJ T

293. Part #: ID15V203-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15V,-/-/3HP,1,DC INJ TR

294. Part #: ID15V203-WR
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15V,-/-/3HP,4X,DC INJ T

295. Part #: ID15V205-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15V,-/-/5HP,1,DC INJ TR

296. Part #: ID15V205-WR
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15V,-/-/5HP,4X,DC INJ T

297. Part #: ID15V207-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15V,-/-/7.5HP,1,DC INJ

298. Part #: ID15V207-WR
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15V,-/-/7.5HP,4X,DYN TR

299. Part #: ID15V210-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15V,-/-/10HP,1,DC INJ T

300. Part #: ID15V210-WR
Description: AC INVERTER,230V,15V,-/-/10HP,4X,DC INJ