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BALDOR DRIVE from BALDOR Page 33 of 45
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641. Part #: SSD1SCR8202
Description: 3PH,SCR PR FOR 174,202 A,575V, TH407

642. Part #: SSD1SCR8300
Description: SINGLE SCR 242,300A,575V, TH118

643. Part #: SSD1SCR8370
Description: SINGLE SCR 370A,575V, TH116

644. Part #: SSD1SCR8600
Description: SINGLE SCR 500,600A,575V, TH112

645. Part #: SSD1SCR8900
Description: SINGLE SCR FOR 900A, 575V, TH114

646. Part #: SSD1SCR900
Description: SINGLE SCR 900A,460V (TH226)

647. Part #: SSD3PC242
Description: 1PH PWR CELL: 242,300A,460V (LIMB4694)

648. Part #: SSD3PC8242
Description: 1PH, POWER CELL FOR 242,300A,575V

649. Part #: SSD3SCR370
Description: 1PH PWR CELL: 370 A, 460V (LIMB4695)

650. Part #: SSD3SCR8370
Description: 1PH PWR CELL: 370A, 575V ,LIMB46F0

651. Part #: SSDCBL146
Description: KEYPAD CABLE 16-146 A (CABLE8536)

652. Part #: SSDCBL900
Description: KEYPAD CABLE,174-900 A (CABLE8552)

653. Part #: SSDCBLGT059
Description: GATE/CATHODE WIRES,16-59A,460V(CBL 8568)

654. Part #: SSDCBLGT146
Description: GATE/CATH WIRES,72-146A,460V (CBL 8569)

655. Part #: SSDCBLGT370
Description: GAT/CATH WIRES,174-370A,460V (CBL8575)

656. Part #: SSDCBLGT8059
Description: GATE/CATHODE WIRES,16-59A,575V,CABLE9051

657. Part #: SSDCT044
Description: CT,9-44 A AND 500-900A (TRANSC10)

658. Part #: SSDCT202
Description: DIGITAL SOFT ST,CT,59-202 A (3225-0292)

659. Part #: SSDCT370
Description: CT,242-370 A, (TRANSC13)

660. Part #: SSDCT900
Description: CT,500-900 A (TRANSC18)