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FINCOR DRIVE from FINCOR Page 45 of 123
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881. Part #: 2660270
Description: INSTALLED, OPTION 1057A

882. Part #: 2660270-KIT
Description: KIT, OPTION 1057A

883. Part #: 2660271
Description: INSTALLED, OPTION 1072A

884. Part #: 2XV-10
Description: DRIVE OPTION

885. Part #: 3004099

886. Part #: 3109036
Description: INSTALLED, OPTION 1070D/1070E

887. Part #: 3121M
Description: DC DRIVE 20HP 460V CHASSIS 6-PULSE 10HP/230V 15HP/380V

888. Part #: 3121S0051A
Description: DRIVE DC 5HP 230V NEMA1 3PH

889. Part #: 3121S00522A
Description: DRIVE DC 5HP 380V NEMA1 3PH

890. Part #: 3121S0053A
Description: DRIVE DC 5HP 460V NEMA1 3PH

891. Part #: 3121S0071A
Description: DRIVE DC 7.5HP 230V NEMA1 3PH

892. Part #: 3121S00722A
Description: DRIVE DC 7.5HP 380V NEMA1 3PH

893. Part #: 3121S0073A
Description: DRIVE DC 7.5HP 230/460V NEMA1 W/CONTROLS

894. Part #: 3121S0101A
Description: DRIVE DC 10HP 230V NEMA1 3PH

895. Part #: 3121S01022A
Description: DRIVE DC 10HP 380V NEMA1 3PH

896. Part #: 3121S0103A
Description: DRIVE DC 10HP 230/460V NEMA1 W/CONTR

897. Part #: 3121S01522A
Description: DRIVE DC 15HP 380V NEMA1 3PH

898. Part #: 3121S0153A
Description: DRIVE DC 15HP 230/460V NEMA1 W/CONTROLS

899. Part #: 3121S0203A
Description: DRIVE DC 20HP 460V NEMA1 3PH

900. Part #: 3122M-60HP-460V-W/OPT
Description: DRIVE DC 60HP 460V W/OPTS